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Teach Mental Maths to Your Kids through Games
Teach Mental Maths to your Kids through Our Proven System PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 November 2014 12:17

Do you find it difficult to enhance the mathematical skills of your kid? Then you will have to think of a unique method that can be used to teach mathematics to your kid in an interesting way. That’s where Magical Methods game based training system come into play. It is a proven and an effective method that can be used to overcome many mathematical challenges. We have developed the system and using it since last 16 years at our training centre. 

You can also Teach Mental Maths to your Kids through

our Proven System and make him/her FAST.

Just Pay for the Kit. Training is FREE

(Free Training is available on all purchases till 30th Nov. 2014)

How it works?

Step-1: Buy the training kit

You buy a training kit as per your requirement. [You can buy Training kit for Toddlers (5 - 7 years) or Training Kit for Kids (8 - 12 years)]

Step-2: Get the Free training

You can get the training from us through one to one Video Conferencing. We offer 2 FREE sessions of 30 minutes each with every purchase for you to understand the system. Two sessions is more than sufficient for a person. Further training (if required) is provided on nominal payment basis.

Note: Training is provided to the Parents, Grand Parents or the person who would work with the KID. It can not be provided to the KIDs directly.


Interested? Leave your contact. We would get in touch.

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