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Teach Mental Maths to Your Kids through Games
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Saturday, 14 September 2013 07:09

Do you want to see your child in IIT when he/ she grows up? Do you want your child to do MBA from IIMs? Then Lay the Foundation for Success TODAY! Ask an expert and he would tell you Mental Maths and Logical Skills are the ingredients required to be successful at the top level. Start Today!

Teach Mental Maths


and Develop


Logical Skills


of your Child

using Specially Designed Kit


Magical Methods



Training Kit for Toddlers

For teaching 4 - 7 years old

Must Have Kit to Lay Foundation for Success in IIT JEE & IIMs


As you know most students give up on math in the 3rd-4th grades this is true all over the world. We need a new method the USA was no. one years ago now almost last except for student who have privet tutors etc. your system works and it should be used around the world.

Dr.L.E. Walker D.N. N.D. MPH.BS.(DR.PH)abd, San Fernando, USA

Dear Mr. Kumar,
Please forgive my delay. I really enjoyed your method. I used your techniques with several of my students. I had such fun using your method for tables with one of my students who had a really hard time doing it. No More. They are easy now. I intend to use your techniques with not only children but with adults. I’ll let you know what happens. Again, Thank you.

Dr. Concetta Archer 
Creative educator & Researcher, Founder/CEO, Leorian Learning Center, 151 Broadway, suites 215 & 220 Providence, Rhode Island 02903, USA



Mental Maths and Tables are the Backbone of Mathematics. In our experience more than 85% children face problems in mental calculation and tables. Today children hardly know tables beyond 12. They need this skill in every competition to become successful. If not provided in the childhood they struggle everywhere. As a parents you would not like to make your child a struggling child.

Training Kit developed by Magical Methods has taken years of research and field trial. Using this kit you would be able to train your kid in mental maths, tables and logical skills reauired to be successful at the highest level. The training videos would teach you the methods unknown to the world.



  • Teaches your child to think deeply about mathematics using games.
  • Increases Your child’s IQ Score.
  • Introduce your child to a Powerful, brain-engaging Play way method.
  • Develops natural gifts of your child.
  • Works on Finger Counting and removes the bottlenecks to make your child fast.
  • Lays the Foundation for success in IIT JEE and IIMs

Additional Benefits:

  • Concentration Development
  • Development of Hand Eye Coordination
  • Logic Development
  • Imagination Development
  • Interest development

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This Kit has been designed for children aged 4 years to 7 years. Using the Kit you would be able to provide 120 games on Hazari Square which your child would love to solve. Children love to work on Hazari Square and mind development games provided with this kit.

1-Hazari-Sq 2-Hazari-Sq-
1-Math-card 2-Math-Card

What you receive in the Kit (Shown in Slide Show below):

  • A Hazari Square as shown in the picture (12 inch x 9 inch)
  • Hazari Square Training Manual
  • Coins for Hazari Square
  • Math Card
  • Mental Calculation Work Books- 2 Nos.
  • Mind Development Games Work Books- 2 Nos.
  • 5 piece puzzle set


start stop bwd fwd

Video Training for Parents:

  • Access Instruction Videos from anywhere in the world to know how to use this kit.
  • What Every Parents Ought to Know about Teaching Maths--Video
  • How to work with One digit plus one digit and small two digit plus one digit addition using Math Card.
  • How to work with One digit minus one digit and small two digit minus one digit subtraction using Math Card
  • How to use Math Card to teach tables
  • How to use Hazari Square board to instill Mental Maths technique in the child
  • How to use Hazari Square board Video
  • How to use Mind Development Games Work Book-1
  • How to use 5 piece puzzle set Video
  • How to use Mind Development Games Work Book-2


    • 12 months support through e-mail, phone, whatsapp, skype and Virtual Trainer

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Rajinder Kaur from Gurgaon who had enrolled in your Programme .

The response right from the time of enrollment and during the training was very enthusiastic.

I used your Math Card with my daughter and I was surprised to see improvement she showed in a few days.

I have started using your other tools and am hopeful that it would help her a lot.

Hope you will reach all places and achieve your targets soon.!!!!!

God bless Pradeep Sir and also your entire team of Magical Methods.

With warm regards
Rajinder Kaur Sodhi

Fee Details

Total Fees (for Residents of India) inclusive of Service Tax & Courier charges is Rs. 2950/- (Rupees Two thousand Nine hundred fifty only).

You can pay us by Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash Card etc. A receipt would be sent to you after we receive the payment. After successful payment you would receive a sms from us giving you the transaction no.

For any help clarification call: +91-99715-53043


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